F.A.Qs (in my head)

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemingway

Who are you?  
Whoever I think I am

I like your poems.  Can I take them?
Depends.  Where are you taking them?  They like long walks on the beach and trips to Disneyland.  Seriously, though, if you're printing them out to go in your stalker scrapbook, hang on your wall, or show your friends, go ahead...just include the copyright and dont take credit for them.

If you're trying to sell them...well, dont be an idiot.  I own the copyright, so I'm the only idiot who gets to try to sell them.  By the way, that's a quick way to starve to death...if you must plaguerize, go find something more lucrative to steal.

But you published them on the internet!!!
Correct.  That doesnt make them public domain, nor is anything ELSE you run across on the internet public domain, unless specifically listed as such.  You can link to the poems all you'd like, though, and are encouraged to do so...again, so long as you dont try and pretend you wrote them.

Any other use not covered above would need my explicit permission.

Why publish a poetry blog?  
I was drinking.  Seriously, though, poetry's not the easiest of games.  Getting published anywhere is pretty time consuming and fraught with rejection if you're not already a VERY well known name, and all you get from that is the glory of it being in print and you getting a copy in most cases.  I've not yet built up the guts to read the things out loud in slams and dont know if I ever will.  A self-published chap book, with no audience already established is just a bound vanity of what you've already typed.  This seemed the most expedient way to share.

But no one will read them!
That's probably true.  No one was reading them on my hard drive, or in my scribbled notebooks, either.

But someone will read them!
Yeah...embarrasing.  I wrote an essay about that.

What if they slam them?  Wont you be crushed?
ABSOLUTELY.  So, if you're a hating troll planning on slamming them, here is a unique opportunity for you to learn some compassion.

If not, well, I guess it's an opportunity for me to practice compassion toward hating trolls.

A lot of your poems seem negative.  Are you angry/depressed/bitter?
Sure.  Or probably was one of those things when it was written.  I write as therapy, and some of the phrases turn out neat enough to share.  At the moment I feel fine, but thanks for your concern.

Why are some poems dated and others not?
Because clearly, some days I had it together more than others.

I'm MAD!  You published these poems and I KNOW they're about me!!!
Hmmm.  There's a GREAT Carly Simon song called "You're so Vain"...you should listen to it.

Why havent you published/written any poems about ME???

I'm getting around to it.  In the meantime, have you considered that you may have HPD?  Or maybe not...maybe you just need a hobby or to share your own story.

Here's the deal.  I write random crap that fills my head when I have both the time and the inclination to do so.  Mostly it's just ranting or mumbling on paper.  Sometimes it polishes up into something I might want to call a poem, and even share with others.  Most of the time it doesnt.  That's more a function of whether I came up with a clever word or two, and less a function of you.  Either of you.  Stop stalking me.

Will you be doing/appearing in any poetry slams?  Publishing any books?

Shhhhh...let's just enjoy the website for right now, 'kay?

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