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Monday, September 29, 2014


the subject is phobias-
Your fear of love is obvious,
locked down entrances to your heart,
we slip what we can through the mail slot,
look for carelessly unguarded windows.
Somehow, we always find a way in.

I keep bravely approaching 
the edge of the cliff.
But whenever I look down, 
find myself scrabbling back to safety.
The rocks are slippery on the edge,
adn each time I recall that it's
not the height I fear, it's the eventual fall.

The subject is relationships-
You sidestep the very question,
and from what you say, 
the action as well.

I get caught up in the past,
or the impossible,
and find it difficult being 
present for whoever's truly there.

The subject is love-
you see it as imaginary,
and as something to avoid
falling into.

I see it as the highest form
of human expression,
and would gladly fall again
if I werent so damn afraid of heights.

At least we have the sense
to laugh at ourselves
and each other 
while changing the subject.

Mutual Paradox© Cammie S. Sinor, 2014

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  1. Quite deep and very originally. I enjoyed this read very much~


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