Friday, January 26, 2018

Life Rolls On

He was always there for her,
Through the schemes and drama.
She caused more trouble
Than anyone he'd known.
A life of chaos and trauma.

Lying and hitting, she tore him apart.
Stole his money, beat on his heart.
Late nights alone and calls from jail.
"Got into some trouble, honey, can you bring bail?"

He should've left a long time ago,
But he loved her and he loved their child.
Couldn't deny that girl her mama,
Couldn't deny himself her smile.

Life rolls on,
Where there's a will there's a way,
Baby, we'll make it work,
Just promise me you'll stay.

She had no trouble moving on,
She'd always traveled light.
The next big score just down the road,
The future in her sights.

Loving and hopeful, he held on tight
He'd never been much for letting go,
He clung to her long after she'd gone,
And the days rolled on and on.

Life rolls on,
Where there's a will there's a way,
And if I had a choice,
I would get you to stay.

She landed light and found new friends.
Whisky and weed helped her forget about him.
He struggled to his feet and he learned to forgive.
But he never forgot how he'd wanted to give.
If only she would receive.

Life knocked him low, a few times or more,
He'd try and talk with her, understand what it was all for.
He cried out his heart, lost his mind, crushed his soul.
She just sunk further and deeper into that hole.

Life rolls on,
Where there's a will there's a way,
And if I had a wish,
you would be here today..

The years went past
And he found a new life,
Discovered new interests,
Got a new wife.

And he found someone to
Receive and to give,
Found himself new reasons to live.
And he moved on.

Life rolls on,
Where ever there's a way,
Guess maybe I'll run
Into you someday

Now she didn't make out quite as well.
The ship never came in,
And the memories were hell.
She couldn't forget the love they had shared.

And the years rolled so fast,
People came and they left,
But nothing would last,
And nobody seemed to care.

So she looked him up then,
Told him all that she felt
How much he'd meant to her,
How life had dealt.
And he listened to her,
And then he turned away.
The tears stained his eyes,
But he had nothing to say.
He had a new life now.  He could grant her no reprieve.

Life rolls on,
Love finds a way,
But you've gotta give it back,
If you want it to stay.

Photo:. Matthew Wilkinson

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