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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Guitar Lust

Guitar lust is a problem. I own two functional guitars, and Dark Matters. I've got a cheap, light electric Davison that exists primarily for Rocksmith, and a lovely Oscar Schmidt acoustic electric that is my daily driver and had been plugged in all of twice, because I've no real need to be loud.

I don't NEED any more guitars. As a rule, most of us can only play one at a time. I'm not ready to test out the concept of playing bass yet, nor do I plan on taking up classical at this time. Speaking of which, all links in the article are of the affiliate kind, the better to fund more guitars I dont need.

The problem is that music stores are a thing that exists, even in my somewhat conservative neck of the woods. Wandering downtown Chico today eventually led Raven and I to Herreids, the local music store, where we observed and played with Ukeleles, something she's considered taking up. (I am for this.)

After browsing the ukes, we, of course had to take a turn through the guitars. There were all of three, which kept temptation low. No basses, a heavy monster Squire, and two acoustics. One was a nice acoustic electric, but not any nicer than my daily driver in terms of sound. Action was a little lower, super easy string presses.

The other made me pause for sole nostalgia:

This baby,

reminds me of Daddy's, growing up. Nice deep sound on the thing, which always draws me... If I've one complaint about Oscar the Grind, it's that he's just a tiny bit tinny... Not so much as to make him unplayable, it's more a mood thing... He's actually a really nice fella, but sometimes, very slightly, too shallow for me... He just only wants to go so deep, ya know?

This pretty was only $200. I didn't buy it. I'm not sold on my need for it.

What drew me, MAYBE because we'd been looking at the tiny little ukes, which made guitars seem so much bigger, were the baby Taylor's. That seems like a real pretty little travel guitar and they felt kinda nice. Maybe even a lot nice. Thankfully, there were no lefty versions. And ya know...they cost a bit more than the fender did.

How do you righties manage to keep living indoors with all this temptation around you?

So, I guess the Taylors spoke to me because not 3 hours later I was googling away. The one I loved is, in fact, available left, and at about the price I expected:

I can ALMOST justify it, given its portability.

I need a roof, and the driveway regravelled. Being a grown up sucks.

PS. Raven got a tie dye soprano Kana for her first Uke.

If she takes to it, she'll have the same problem I do.

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