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Monday, September 22, 2014


If I could give you just one gift,
I'd show you the monsters under the bed
are not near as terrifying
as the ones in your mind.

I'd free your heart to love,
take down the walls that lock you in.
Show you how much you're hurting you,
and how much that hurts me.

If I could give you just one gift.
I would give you the gift of confidence...
in yourself, in your strength,
and in your ideas.

I'd give you clarity and sight,
an end to your confused run.
The perserverence to follow
a dream to it's end.

But all I can give you 
is my own love and support,
clear and true. 
Is it enough

Just keeping you in sight?

Mutual Paradox© Cammie S. Sinor, 2014

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