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Monday, October 6, 2014


The ever so exclusive answer wondered in my mind.

So clever and elusive after pondered will I find?
My quivering existence further leaning out of sight.
Questioning resistance for the meaning to my life.
because it feels like life isn't really mine.

Could it be just learning, could life really be so small?
Maybe it's for giving, but I'm sure that isn't all.
Possibly it's partly what you give and what you've taught.
Surely those you touch in life must be a major part.

but it feels like life isn't really mine.

All those who I love< and who love me that's part I know.
Comfort and companionship[ is what I cherish most}
The chance to procreate this gift can't never be forgot.
To nurture and protect a growing child must be a lot.
but it feels like life isn't really mine.

Some of it; experience, of this I have no doubt.
Feelings and emotions passion can not be left out.
The measure of my life, that really doesn't matter now,
maybe the very meaning I have searched for all around.
As I realize.

This is really mine.

© ReallywilliE 1994

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